Custom Development

Custom Development Services

Few businesses can operate with off the shelf software (COTS) and require custom developed software solutions to help them operate efficiently and effectively within their markets.  Here are a few scenarios that your company may be facing and where we can help:

  • We want to begin selling our products online, but have no idea how to get the information from your current system out to the Internet.  
  • We purchased a new system, but the reporting it generates does not help us, and makes our work even harder.
  • Our customers must complete certain forms to receive services (e.g., like government agencies) and we would like to have a way to complete forms online.
  • We have some very complicated business processes that off-the-shelf systems just do not offer.
  • My sales force has no visibility into stock levels and we are constantly shorting our customers.

Solutions are customized based on your organization’s needs.  Custom solutions can take many forms and may include a combination of several technologies including:

  • Applications (new or modifications to existing) - Development in languages from classic ASP,,, PHP, javascript, RPG.
  • Integrating with databases such as SQL, MySQL, and Oracle.
  • New websites (integrated with your back office systemor stand-alone)
    • Forms Driven websites (to complete PDF forms)
    • Drupal, Joomla
  • New reporting using Crystal Reports, MS Reporting services, or web based reporting


Domestic IT Management - Permanent & Temporary

Richmond & Charlottesville, VA

The high cost of a permanent Information technology staff has driven many companies to look at outsourcing their technology needs.  Monk & Monk has been offering hardware and software support to companies in central Virginia for over 20 years. Starting in the mid 80’s supporting Mid-Range computers and early PC manufacturers in the Richmond area, we have developed the reputation for being friendly, knowledgeable and capable of servicing the needs of companies of all sizes.

Look to us when you need help:

  • Managing and coordinating your internal technology projects
  • Providing on-demand hardware (network, computer, printers, etc.) and desktop software support (installation, training, and troubleshooting)
    • Choosing the right software to run your business
    • Getting the most out of the systems you already have through reporting and integration with other systems
    • Designing custom software not provided by the “off the shelf products”


Drupal - Web Content Management System

Imagine owning a website to promote your company or organization that enables you to change your content any time you want without having any special web development skills.  

Drupal is a proven and stable open source web content management system supported by a large community of developers and users.

Expect professional IT Project Management techniques to be used on your project while partnering with us.  We can scale to your organization's needs by providing:

  • Project definition (scope) and estimates
  • Requirements gathering and detailed documentation to share with your team
  • Customization of the system
  • Testing of your final site
  • Implementation planning and execution
  • Post implementation support

Our Drupal service focus on the following areas:

  • Helping you obtain a web address and setting up you website hosting environment
  • Installing and customizing system the backend settings
  • Development of content types and views
  • Customization of website design (look and feel)
  • Customization of content layout with PHP modifications or through customized views of your content
  • Custom module development services (PHP 5 and javascript)
  • Implementation of the thousands of free add-on modules for Drupal to extend the functionality of the system
    Examples: CCK, custom forms, themes, Facebook/Google+ integration, Google maps integration, Google Adsense and Analytics integration...
    We will implement any of the modules listed in the Drupal Modules directory.
  • Integration with online payment systems to help sell products (shopping carts)
  • Training of your exisiting staff on how to maintain content, users, and Drupal maintenance releases
  • Ongoing support (your Drupal Webmaster) 

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Services

From assisting with ERP selection to managing your complete implementation, we can help. With over 15 years experience implementing ERP solutions for Fortune 500 companies to new business startups, we can help make the process easier.

ERP Selection

Selecting a new business information system can be a difficult, time consuming, and expensive endeavor. Our team of experienced business consultants will help you to gather and document your business requirements and then search, compare, and negotiate with prospective vendors.

ERP Implementation

Your Company's Advocate…

In every implementation there are two parties at work, your company and the vendor who sold you the product. We can serve your company as your information technology advocate to the vendor. Ensuring that vendor provides the services and support that they agreed to is important in maintaining expectations and budgets throughout the life of your implementation project.

ERP Customization and Support

Every new ERP implementation will need to have reports, queries, workflows, established to meet your business needs. This is because ERPs from major software houses are designed to meet the needs of the widest range of companies as possible. We have extensive experience in SQL Query creation, Crystal Reports and MS Reporting service, to name a few.

Reporting & Analytics


Collection of report images from various reporting tools

State of Virginia and Federal - RFP Responses

Understanding the process of responding to government RFPs (Request for Proposals) can be a complicated and time-consuming process.  With years of experience writing winning proposals, we can relieve your company of the burden of developing a professional response to an RFP. 
 We can provide:

  • An evaluation of the RFP and an interpretation of the requirements to respond properly to the request
  • Individuals to gather all of the information to fulfill the background information for proposals
  • Design and language services to give your proposal a professionally worded and a polished look 


About Us

At the core, this is a family business. 

Combining the knowledge of two different business areas, Marketing and Information Technology, our company can supplement your existing staff with our expert, personalized service.  Whether your company is working with one of the owners or one of our specialized consultants, you be assured that the success of your project is important to us. 

 We look forward to working with you on your next project.



Edward Monk

President, Information Technology Services

Mr. Monk has helped companies achieve higher degrees of efficiency and productivity by utilizing the experience gained over his 20 years in the field.  With expertise in ERP, Business Intelligence, Reporting, and eCommerce implementations coupled with strong IT Management and Software development background, he is an ideal candidate to lead your company’s IT initiatives.   


Heather Monk

Vice-President, Marketing & Advertising Services

Mrs. Monk is a seasoned business owner who knows what customers look for in a business.  A skillful wordsmith with a keen eye for design, she leads the advertising and marketing group to design professional customer-facing communications and materials.



Freelancers Union Member Badge

Monk & Monk provides Drupal administrative and training to the Ashlee's Angels organization free of charge.

Ashlee’s Angels is a designated driver service.

Ashlee’s Angels was created due to the drive and determination of Ashlee Jordan Stokes. Ashlee was in a terrible car accident in May of 2008. She was hit head on by a drunk driver who crossed the center line. Today she is not only focused on her recovery, Ashlee’s mission is to try to make a difference by sharing her story. She understands that drunk driving is a choice. Her self- proclaimed slogan is Swallow Your Pride And Call For A Ride. 

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Monk & Monk provides experienced, temporary information technology and marketing staff for short and long term project for companies in Virginia. For the right candidate, many opportunities lead to permanent positions within the companies they serve. Please visit our career site today to review the available opportunities.


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Central Virginia International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)

Monk & Monk provide Google Site admisnistration and confirguration services to the CVA IIBA free of charge.

The purpose of the Chapter is to promote the practice of business analysis, raise the profile of the business analyst role, and locally represent the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) in central Virgnia.

Monk & Monk set up the CVA IIBA Board Member Intranet-like site to help the organization keep track of meetings, meeting notes, tasks, and to have a repository of documents theat all of the board members could access.  The board had no budget for a new website, and this solution was proposed approved by the board.  

Edward Monk served from late 2010 to early 2012 as the CVA IIBA Board Secretary.

Since the site is restricted to members of the CVA IIBA, we cannot link there.